i've jus' got a copy of the "mr. no" single with the joakim remix on it today & after a few listens i simply decided to cut his ( too ) long mix short & made an instrumental / dub edit of it that omits the vocoder voice parts sayin' "mr. no" , but comes much closer to the original version - imho , of course wink - & the essential remainin' parts were "glued" together again in a 03:21 long mix , which u can find @ http://friends.schallreflektor.com/ohjay/music/doc_jones_edits/ !!! smile
btw : it contains my "trademark" effect - the "deejay trap"-like break laugh - too !!! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" />

simply enjoy the sound , fellows !!! wink

p. s. : maybe robin & - via him - john likes to listen to it too then !? *hopeful_look*

anyway ... c u ! smile

olaf a.k.a. ..::=|MeTaMaTRiX|=::..