Good point, Paul. smile

OK, here's the reply from EMI:

1.) The content on the latest DVD release is exactly the same as what is featured on the DVD from the 2CD/DVD release

2.) Like the DVD which featured in the 2CD/DVD album, this DVD is NTSC Region 0 (I've requested this be changed on Amazon-thank you for flagging)

3.) We've requested for the tracklist to be edited on Play and Amazon. These should be amended ASAP

So that confirms it - the DVD content and format are exactly the same as in the 2CD+DVD set, just released in a DVD-only format for those who didn't manage to get the set, or prefer to buy at a cheaper price, etc etc.

I'll be buying one, because my CDs are stored in the loft once ripped, so I like my DVDs in a DVD box that I can put on the shelf with the others. I'm happy! wink