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Would it be so that the record company can switch to a cheap (for them and for the punters), single CD at some point in the future without going through the hassle of having to edit it all over again?
Not necessarily, no. It's something that bands can often do and gives people a degree of choice on what they can buy. Admittedly, for diehards it's inconceivable they wouldn't want to purchase anything but the full show, but some people (casuals we'll call them for the sake of this conversation) may only want something to remind them of the concert without having to sit through and listen to stuff they either don't know or would just skip over if included. Given the discussions we all had recently on what songs we would each individually have left out or can't get on with in the UV catalogue, it's understandable why a stand alone highlights disc may tempt casuals to buy rather than the full show.

It's also not something that's limited to the RTE release. The (relatively) recent shows that I know of released by the Rolling Stones and The Police have had similar multiple release formats of what is essentially the same product.

Hope this adds to the conversation.