Unfortunately, this kind of 'marketing' fails to hold the attention of it's target audience for long. Its all whitewash. I am now starting to question what is a limited edition when I see those words mentioned in connection with any merch. I recall when most people rushed out to buy the CD/DVD with the "limited" run of artwork "limited" to 500 copies. There were then additional copies of that artwork printed. Notice a pattern here? And now its changed!

On the subject of the DVD itself - and I'm gonna come across as a real moaner here, so sorry if you don't agree with me - I wasn't overly impressed with some of the edit. I find the sequence of distance shots quite repetitive - but that's not my big issue.

I have a real gripe with the Thin Wall edit - it could have been so much better - I know that because I saw a stunning edit on YouTube - it was stamped up as "Warrior Vision" - given its an audience cam its quite good. An excellent zoom in on Billy's fingers during the violin solo (why oh why would you not focus on that on any solo???) - well the DVD edit didn't - instead, mostly, we get the headstock of the violin???? I found this hugely irritating! The best friggin violin solo!!!!!!! I would LOVE to talk to the person who shot that and ask why they think that's a good edit.

Also........... right at the end of the song you will note the shot 'behind' Midge as he raises his hand. Now the shot is from the front on the YouTube vid, its excellent and captures the 'final' moment so much better - his face and the full force of his arm as he strikes the guitar for the last time. Sometimes I wonder how people actually get jobs.........

Given all that - I am happy it does exist and that I have it! smile