I must admit I ignored the email flyer when it came through as I have the DVD+CD. I would only care if it was a limited edition if I didn't actually have it!!
When I clicked the link and read the Townsend web, they aren't claiming this DVD to be limited (the previous set of DVD+CD was limited). This DVD only product is on sale for 13.99.
There is also a number of the DVD+CD sets available at 17.99 (these are the left overs from the re-press I guess), and there is a CD only version, at 11.99. Three products, and I'm guessing aimed at 3 different groups. Fans would love to have the DVD+CD set, but some may just want the CD or DVD. The price of the last two would indicate they could make some money from those sales, but as there are still DVD+CD sets available, I doubt if many will buy them, right?
Certainly, no one is forcing anyone to buy them.