Originally posted by Jouni Salo:
There is an obvious connection through Conny Plank who produced Systems of Romance, Vienna and Rage In Eden. Conny Plank also produced La Düsseldorf's first album that has the self titled tracks that is very similar to Astradyne.

I seem to recall an interview with Ultravox where they said they liked the music that was happening in Germany at the time. On Billy's new web site you can look at photos taken at Conny Plank's place while they were recording Rage In Eden. Holger Czukay is in one of the photos.

Another obvious influence can be heard when you listen to 'Sonnenrad' by Michael Rother.
Many years ago (circa 1984) Midge appeared on the Janice Long show on Radio 1 and played music by artists that had particularly influenced him and Ultravox. He chose Kraftwerk, Neu! and La Düsseldorf. I knew of Kraftwerk but had never heard of the other two. I loved both, bought some albums, and a whole new musical world was opened to me. I think Neu! are one of the great lost bands of all time.
I still have the interview somewhere on cassette, along with several others with the Midge and co. from that era. If they still play, I hope to digitise them one day and upload for others to enjoy.