TAPIO - You were the centre of attention at the Hammersmith Voxgate (and probably anywhere you show up, hahahaha!!!). Great man!!!

DAVE - lmao

Must say I love Midge's expression of his emotional state(s). He therefore must have made a considerable internal process - good! And I particularly love his recognition of the fact of playing with UV again feels more right than what he has been doing ever since they went separate ways. I never made a secret of not exactly being into his solo stuff, I tried to listen to "Little Orphans" last year and it was - with all respect - impossible to make it until the end of the CD. No offence to anyone, ok, just a matter of personal taste. To me, MIDGE is a part of Ultravox. And the fact that he states that sacking Warren back then was wrong, that it was like cutting off an ARTERY, the fact of saying it in front of a camera lens makes him deserve all sympathies and respect again.


Now I have just been showing my musician flatmate a part of the documentary. To - again - realize that ARI cannot witness this with his own eyes, cannot feel the joy we all have been undergoing for the past year, that we cannot share these crucial moments with someone as impacting as he was, makes me terribly sad inside. Although it is important to always look ahead, it is impossible NOT to think about it. Especially when they play "Visions in Blue", his funeral song at Hietaniemi Hautausmaa, almost 5 years ago now... I miss him SO MUCH at the gigs! The Finn! frown