Well, my copy arrived today!

It's been a long day - very long!

We are moving house and after teaching a morning at school, I have been lifting, carrying, chucking and hauling from lunchtime till 11pm! I am aching and sore!!

A weird day, digging out old memories and even throwing a lot of old stuff out (mixed feelings!) and looking around the old house here seing it all bare. We actually live in the new house on Saturday.

Also, yesterday I achieved my Master of Arts in Music Education, so there's been a lot going on. I'm quite pleased about that, though haven't had time to celebrate it - or even think about it much!

So, at the end of a day that felt like a week, I unwrapped the cellophane on my lovely new copy of the disc - thanks musicnonstop.co.uk!! - and started with "Building Eden". It's been great to see the candid shots and revealing moments (also nice to glimpse Edinburgh, the city of my birth, and Newcastle, where I went to college in the '90s, and it led very nicely to the concert footage.

Loving it so far, it's almost mesmerizing. I feel - simultaneously - very young and very old. Like a kid again, loving these songs as much as always, feeling inspired and enraptured and also aware of how much time has passed! The sound, as many have said, is very true to the "old days", but at the same time sounds more modern and somehow more "mature". Amazing how UN-dated it is sounding!

I put my Telecaster down to put my thoughts down and, as I type, lament has just finished and One Small Day just started. So far I think I've been most impressed with We Stand Alone and I Remember, though Mr.X, I must say, sounded even better than the original.

Pardon my rambling, I think I must get some sleep!

Loving the DVD though.

God Bless.