Ordered the CD/DVD set from Amazon.co.uk a couple weeks ago because Townsend and MNS were sold out and it wasn't listed on my usual North American sites. Amazon's been sending me apologetic weekly updates saying they're still trying to get it.

Meanwhile, Amazon.ca now claims to have the CD/DVD in stock:

"Product Details

* Audio CD (April 27 2010)
* Number of Discs: 3
* ASIN: B0039P5LKM

Deluxe three disc edition (two CDs + PAL/Region 0 DVD) featuring the entire 18 song performance plus a bonus DVD that also contains the full show and a documentary."

PAL? Surely some mistake. Anyway, they say it's in stock, they have a separate listing for the single CD version (as an import), and they're charging C$18.99. It's possible they've screwed up and this is actually a Canadian pressing of the CD only, but I ordered it. And I haven't cancelled the .co.uk order yet, just in case.

(Been an Ultravox fan for thirty years and they reunite when I'd been out of work for a year and couldn't afford to travel, and of course they didn't come here, and now I might lose out on the damn CD/DVD... yes, I'm a bit cranky about all this.)