Hi, I'm a new member but have been an Ultravox fan since about 1983 when I was 13. I remember being played the Vienna album by an older friend on his Akai hi-fi and from then on I was hooked. I've still got the Collection album on vinyl I bought from Woolworths in 1985 with the extra limited edition record containing 12" versions, somewhere in the loft!

Anyway, back on topic, I hadn't realised there was a live DVD until last week when I came across this forum, but by then it was too late to order one from the proper channels - everyone had sold out. However, I have found and bought one off ebay and I have had confirmation that it has been sent.

I sent them an e-mail asking them to absolutely confirm it was the 3-disc version (the one that contains the DVD - which is in their description on their ebay listing), but I've had no reply. It looks from the listing that they've sold a fair number of these, so I'm wondering if anyone knows on this forum if the order is likely to be genuine or whether I'll be disappointed!

Here is the ebay listing:


Many thanks.