I got an e-mail from musicnonstop.com to say that on Monday they had 2 copies of the 3 disc set left and then during the afternoon they got 18 orders!!!

They are hoping to get additional stock back in from the USA (stock which went from the UK originally and now has to come back again!!) Dread to think of the carbon footprint cool

Anyway, in the meantime I ordered the 3 CD set from inandoutrecords through Amazon Market Place for about £30, and I have an e-mail to say its been despatched. They are still on Amazon as having stock as far as I know. They're located in Austria but I've got stuff from there before and they've always been OK.

So if musicnonstop comes good I'll end up with 3 copies so keep any eye on the 'Sales and Swaps' threads folks wink