Hi there,

I ordered the CD/DVD-package (at least I thought, I was ordering it) on April 11th. Yesterday the package arrived (with print) - but unfortunately it was only the Highlights-CD. frown

Someone stated in this thread on April 11th, that Townsend had only the Highlights-CD available, no longer the CD/DVD-edition.
So I think I did not read carefully, when I was ordering at Townsend. I just had the banner here on the Ultravox-Homepage in mind (which is still there, advertising the CD/DVD-package! EDIT: now they have removed the ad)...
I'm mad about myself, as normally I do not order things without three times looking, if I'm ordering the right thing...

I think, I have to order again one of the few remaining copies of the CD/DVD-set from Amazon marketplace (but now for 28 Euro = 23,50 pounds).
Expensive, but especially after the excellent concert (I was at the Hannover-gig 2 days ago) I definitely need the DVD.