My DVD package arrived on Thursday here in Germany. Watched the documentary first and after that some parts of the concert.
For 23 years have been dreaming of the reunion and for the last 13 years I never thought it would happen. Last year the dream came true when I attended the Roundhouse concert. Now I am able to relive my dream every day with this fantastic DVD!
Thanks to Midge, Billy, Warren and Chris again for this, thanks to the EV team of course and thanks to everyone involved in the DVD/CD production.
The fact that the album charted in the UK shows the amount of interest in the band that is still there. So guys, there's absolutely no reason to stop here. I hope for many more RETURNS TO EDEN in the future. What about a tour where you just play two complete albums in a row (QUARTET and LAMENT would be fab).

See you in Hannover,