My copy arrived this morning and i couldn't unwrap it quick enough!!. I got the 2cd/dvd set and what can i say? the packaging is lovely, Rage in Eden always was my favourite cover. I played the dvd first, the picture and sound quality are brilliant, as someone else said, use the 5.1 DTS, crank it up and you could be there!!.
I watched it from beginning to end and it brought back great memories of last years gig, and took the sting out of the fact that i can't make one this year.
The documentary is just what i was hoping for, and more. The look on Warren's face as he hugged Midge and Chris made me well up a bit too!!
The sound quality of the cd's is also superb and it's a more than welcome addition to my Ultravox collection. Once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in this.