Hi everyone,

my set from Townsend arrived today and I am absolutely stunned!

The package is amazing - the CD/DVD combo is beautifully designed, the embossing looks great, the booklet is very nice and I love the appearance of the CD/DVD print. Very elegant IMO.

As for the DVD, I could only watch part of the documentary so far and like everyone else already mentioned, it´s overwhelming. So much fun to watch (although for non-native speakers sometimes a bit hard to follow ;-)

Everyone did an amazing job here and I sincerely hope that the chart positions will be even higher soon. Ultravox definitely deserve it!

Thanks again

P.S.: Forgot to mention the print - sure it would have been nice from EMI to use better graphics, but it does look nowhere as bad as I thought from some comments here. It´ll be great once it´s up on the wall :-)