I got mine from Townsend yesterday.
I was so happy since I wasn't able to attend the concert last year.
The A4 print was in perfect shape. At first glance, I'm very impressed with the overall artwork & packaging. I watched the documentary first, really happy when seeing Warren & Midge hugged each other the 1st time they met in 23 years.

On to the concert content, I was blown away the moment the background LED screen lit up and Billy started his synth solo after the midsong break in Astradyne. I used to wonder why some people care so much about Mr.X. After watching this live version, now I understand why.

Last night, I haven't finished watching the whole show yet, so will probably be extremely happy again tonight, especially during the drums jamming part in The Voice.

Anyway, are there any plan for the filming of RTE II? Please......