I watched the DVD last night after The Voice Jnr had finally gone to bed. Mrs The Voice is in Birmingham at the NASUWT conference so I settled down to watch Dr Who (brill) and the DVD. Have to say the sound is terrific, the camera work excellent and the docu very insightful. I get the impression Billy can be a bit of a straight-talking, no nonsense Yorkshireman when the mood takes him. There didnt seem to be much interaction between him and Warren.

Its funny, when you go to a gig you dont always appreciate the sound because there's so much going on, your senses cant always take it all in. Manchester was a bit of a drunken haze to be honest, so it was great to see and listen to the arrangements in all their (sober) glory. Considering the guys hadn't played together for nigh-on 23 years, it shows what a talented bunch of musicians they are to be able to perform the tracks so strongly and faithfully using modern equipment. I thought Midge's voice was as strong and powerful as ever, his guitar playing still rocks and Warren looked like he lost a stone in sweat though all the frantic drumming !

I would have liked more close ups on Billy's ARP playing (the camera seemed to be at the wrong side of the keyboard) but other than that I can't fault it at all. Its a worthy and lasting legacy to a truly great and underrated band.

Roll on Amsterdam on the 26th.

The Voice