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My only slight disappointment was the art print. There was a big 'do' about it, and I thought it might be something special with at least printed signatures or something, or even a 'limited edition serial number' in one corner. But no, fairly nice card and all, but something I could have printed myself . . .
Well, yes, I have to agree. When we were first told about it, it was going to be a spot-colour screen print that would be signed by the band. This was revised the next day to a full colour litho print with pre-printed signatures. Then it was revised to a litho print without pre-printed signatures. And when mine arrived today, I was amazed to find that EMI seem to have printed it from a compressed JPEG, so that it's all artefected, rather than the original vector artwork that they possess. I'm absolutely gobsmacked at that, I can't fathom it at all. What twonks.

It's not Townsend's fault though, EMI supplied the prints. It was brilliant of Townsend to do something a bit different and get a bit of excitement going. smile