I thought mine hadn't turned up today as all I got on the door mat this morning was a load of bills frown

Then I went outside after lunch to get something from my car and saw a big white envelope propped up against the side of the door. My Return to Eden DVD and bonus print had turned up! woohoo At least Mr. Postie didn't bend it trying to get it through the letter box and thankfully it wasn't raining!

I tried the DVD in my ancient computer but it refused to play it (it seems to have taken a dislike to all DVDs of late). My mother is in the front room watching TV so I'll have to wait until she goes to bed before playing the disc on the DVD player. I am however listening to the 2x CDs and... OMIGOD! What a great job they've done on recording these! Superb sound quality, a great performance and thankfully they've mixed in the sound of the audience just right. Many live recordings either almost totally cut the sound of the audience out or they are too intrusive. This recording has got the balance just right and it's just like being there all over again.

Damn, talk about getting me worked up for the gigs next week! Now, I need my mother to get to bed early so I can play the DVD...