Brian - Rob filmed during the afternoon. Midge gave Rob his camera and asked him to capture some shots of fans talking about the band and their reaction to the tour. smile

Caz - the bit where Chris chats about his mobile phone is on there, but filmed from the side by Midge whilst Chris talks to Lee Curran. You've seen it in one of the clips somewhere (can't remember where this one appeared), but from Lee's POV before.

I've watched part of the show and the documentary. There are a few errors in song names, omission of crew credits (and credit for Rob's Voxpops / shot of walking up to the Odeon), but apart from that it sounds FANTASTIC and it's really fun to watch and relive that night. Weird to see yourself in the crowd! I can see Rob snapping away there near the beginning, too. laugh

If you were near the front of the queue going in (Daz M!), or near the front of the stage, watch it carefully - quite a few faces there that you might recognise! And of course in the Voxpops in the documentary (off the top of my head - Chris L, Lava, Dave Conn, everyone from The Ultravox Station in Japan, Rodney, Bill and Tina, Kari forgetting song names!!). There were more I think, I'll check through again tomorrow. wink