I'm so hoping it to arrive by saturday as I'll have a few things to watch now laugh been on a mass spending spree over the past few weeks buy a mix of duran & foxx material.

Duran Duran 3 disc set
Duran Duran Rio 2 disc set
Duran Duran seven and the ragged tiger 3 disc set
Duran Duran Singles 81-85 3 disc set ( have the singles already in box set)
Arcadia so red the rose 3 cd set

I thought there was gonna be an an ultravox singles set like that?

John Foxx Metamatic 2 disc set
John Foxx The Garden 2 Disc set
John Foxx The Golden Section 2 disc set
John Foxx In mysterious ways 2 disk set

Despite have all the above I've bought them again, wife appears confused to why I have bought stuff I aleady own but money, pocket & burning a hole

And as in the main thread the return to eden set laugh please let townsend get them to me for before the weekend!!!


Just listened to seven and the ragged tiger & I'm so disapointed that the mastering fault is still there on I take the dice which was corrected on the 2003 remaster ummm.