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I appreciate that the DVD is region 0 for "international compatibility" reasons but why do EMI insist on issuing material in NTSC, particularly in this case when it was apparent (from left of mixing desk) that the gig was being shot using HD equipment? The reduction in quality over PAL when played on UK sets coupled with the reduction in lines is similar to viewing through net curtains (at least it was with Monument). Surely the volumes this disc will shift could have warranted multi-format issues. I'd certainly pay a premium for a blu-ray version.
I believe that NTSC is still leagues ahead of PAL, so a good decision I'd say? Blu Ray? Hmmm before long DVD formats will actually be irrelevant as we will all download what we want when we want. No format to worry about, everything in HD. News reports that Toshiba lost the format race, but I believe that they may have won as they won't need to invest millions to maintain something that is going to be out of date before you can ..............