Good example Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous
Quote from Wikipedia
Lynott asked if they could re-record some vocals due to technical issues. After spending some time overdubbing various bits, noticing the impact on the result, they ended up re-recording all the vocals, guitars and bass. So the only real live elements of Live and Dangerous are the drums and the audience. Visconti (Producer) justified this by stating that every track was performed before a live audience. Tony Visconti has stated that the album is "75percent recorded in the studio."
Vox connection: wasn't this the album that Midge listened to on headphones as he flew to join Lizzy on the far east tour he did with them before joining up with the lads? If it was then he was learning the chords and riffs to songs which had been re-recorded in the studio! Hardly live and dangerous at all really!