"Let's not forget but officially its a new album from the boys in 24 years. So I think everyone is getting a good deal"


And it also seems to me to be the ultimate compliment from EMI, in that they feel a new Ultravox live album is worthy of being released across two formats. How many other recent band revivals have been given that treatment?

Win win, as far as I'm concerned, particularly when you see what HMV are knocking both of them out for now, which is why I ordered the special from Townsend, and then held back to order one of each from HMV too, so no eggs all in one basket smile

Oh, and that's also me too re: Duran Duran (which I really rate as debut albums go, and still feel its the best they ever did en-masse) and Seven and the Ragged Tiger (although only really for the DVD from that new set) smile