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[b] What was the reason behind splitting 18track audio into two discs ??? Only financial ???? confused confused confused
As Boxnudger says, the whole concert is longer than 80 minutes and so would not fit into one disc. And incidentally - if the second disc was unnecessary as you seem to suggest, why would adding it be a financial decision? It costs more to have two discs than one! confused2 [/b]
I think he means that having two discs puts the price up. However, I'm not sure that it does looking at the pricing.

For a live show, splitting across two discs is perfectly acceptable. The worst case of this being done for reasons of pure profit was the Beatles 'red' and 'blue' CDs. Certainly the 'red' album could have easily fitted onto one CD but it was spread across two, presumably to replicate the vinyl album. The effect was, however, that they were able to charge much more for it.