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Okay, dudes, here's the wee tiny turd on the great big snowy Christmas cake. I've just had a thrilling listen to the snippets on the Amazonian web-site. Quite nice, really quite nice indeed (and I was there) but . . .

I may be mis-speaking but why does Midge's voice have so much treatment on it on all of the songs? You know, I heard him over Christmas on some talking and singing programme for young people who stay up late, broadcast on the television device, and he was singing and playing without plugs and his voice was still so good and so distinctive and so very strong; so, why the need for so much augmentation here when it really isn't needed?

I believe it was Ms. Toyah who sang, "Be proud, be loud, be heard" so, go on Midge: go bareback for a few songs and let that voice do the talking!

You may now throw your stones. Sedimentary only, mind, nothing igneous, they're too brutal.
See you point most definitely and yes - even after listening to the snippets it is obvious it's been 'touched.'

I would have expected some manipulation of parts that were perhaps not quite so clear at the time - I personally felt the bass needed bringing out on some of the tracks - )going off youtubes - not too reliable I know! ) i.e. just a basic mix of the audio tracks really - that's happened from what I can hear. I agree with your points re Midge's vocal - it does not need too much enhancement - on these small snippets it sounds quite affected. I noticed a similar vocal effect on the remaster live version of Thin Wall (can't remember which album it appears on - is this on Monument remaster?).

Having said that, as already pointed out - esp. with a record company involved its quite common to dress it all up a little these days - while it needs to capture the live feel, it also needs to be current, and the listening experience needs to work on more generic audio systems at home - and production tools are there to be used.

Also I think the vocal was slightly affected at source - I think he must have had quite a bit of reverb/echo as I noticed during a point in Visions in Blue where he walked away from the mic and his voice was still carrying. I wonder how they recorded such signals though - i.e. did they somehow bypass any such effect and then maybe add it later - the result of which we may be hearing now on the samples?

I quite liked some of the raw 70's live recordings from various bands of the era - even studio recordings could be raw - I have a studio recording from an old obscure band called May Blitz - a rock three piece - and you can hear the wah pedal click on after the guitar solo when everything calms down - I think it’s a great, very revealing - a sense of intimacy about it - but today it would probably be mixed out and dressed up a little hence losing some personality.

Hard to comment right now without hearing the whole thing run though - but perhaps such enhancement is slight overkill - I'd like to hear more natural dynamic - but lets hear the whole thing in its entirety…..it may be overall there is a good mix of a raw live feel with some additional spit and polish - the crowd noise isn't particularly evident on the snippets but should be audible on the full version and as such give it a better live ambience to contrast with any polish.

It's friggin good though huh? !!! laugh Well looking foward to hearing it - so excited - infact I've already been asked twice today if I've taken something! lol roflmao