Okay, dudes, here's the wee tiny turd on the great big snowy Christmas cake. I've just had a thrilling listen to the snippets on the Amazonian web-site. Quite nice, really quite nice indeed (and I was there) but . . .

I may be mis-speaking but why does Midge's voice have so much treatment on it on all of the songs? You know, I heard him over Christmas on some talking and singing programme for young people who stay up late, broadcast on the television device, and he was singing and playing without plugs and his voice was still so good and so distinctive and so very strong; so, why the need for so much augmentation here when it really isn't needed?

I believe it was Ms. Toyah who sang, "Be proud, be loud, be heard" so, go on Midge: go bareback for a few songs and let that voice do the talking!

You may now throw your stones. Sedimentary only, mind, nothing igneous, they're too brutal.