And why it some of the best live albums are also the ones that never get issued? wink

I have a killer Kraftwerk mixing desk concert - 2 hours or so - from 1981, so they were at their tops before they managed to cheese off Bartos and Flur. There's even a song on there that they never stuck on an album, too - sun and the moon, or something like that.

Being Kraftwerk, and the amount of time it took us to get re-masters of their albums, I'd put the chances of that ever getting commercially released somewhere close to zero... i.e. only just behind the possibility of getting all their 12"s, 7" edits and videos on disc too smile

But, I digress.

I know what you mean re: the track difference between the original Monument and Oil on Canvas, which I still really like, even if some of the tracks - yes, it was the instrumentals - are studio ones. Agree too, that the DVD picture quality wasn't nearly as good as the brush up done to Monument. Such a shame that none of the Ultravox tours was documented in full until now - I know they feel strongly that it was the one omission from what they did back then, hence capturing The Roundhouse show for prosterity.

I look forward to seeing Ultravox 2009 stylee at last, and all in the comfort of my home wink