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Oil on Canvas was so "clean" that at times it sounded like a remix of the album tracks. It lacked a certain bite. Not that I didn't enjoy the tour, I really did, but just that it didn't have the overwhelming power of a "rock" gig. I'd love to see a full DVD of those concerts again, the bits I find on YouTube are a bit flat - but illustrate my feelings quite well (is it live or is it Memorex?). BTW - Mick Karn sliding all over the place was one of the highlights of that tour for me - I picked up many injuries in those days trying to emulate that at school! It impressed the first year kids though!
The full Oil On Canvas concert film is included on the The Very Best Of Japan-DVD that was released a few years ago. I don't watch it very often but prefer it to the LP/CD album. I thought that sliding walk Mick Karn does looked very funny the first time I saw it. Wonder if he ever tripped?