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Amazingly their first full-length concert on any format!
I can't help thinking about the past,though,and the wasted opportunities in their hey-day.
But that was then,and this is now.
Monument was a major let-down really when you compare it to it's nearest rival in Japan's Oil On Canvas. In fairness I can't remember any live albums by other bands during this time, although I guess I could have missed them.

The one thing that really showcases the Monument album and in turn Ultravox as a live powerhouse was the live version of The Voice which still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up when Midge yells 'our support band, Messengers!' and then takes me to another plane when the synchronised drumming begins. For me, this is the best live track ever, bar none. [/b]
Interesting comments on this (no disrepect intended).

My own humble view is that "Live" albums rarely represent the atmosphere of the real show (unless you live in a cinema with a giant PA rig!) - as such, most live albums have always been neatly tucked away at the back of my collection after I have heard them once or twice. Live DVD's though, contain the other dimension (visual) needed to give them a certain credibility, as such I've ordered this (Roundhouse DVD+) set, and am looking forward to seeing it!

Oil on Canvas was so "clean" that at times it sounded like a remix of the album tracks. It lacked a certain bite. Not that I didn't enjoy the tour, I really did, but just that it didn't have the overwhelming power of a "rock" gig. I'd love to see a full DVD of those concerts again, the bits I find on YouTube are a bit flat - but illustrate my feelings quite well (is it live or is it Memorex?). BTW - Mick Karn sliding all over the place was one of the highlights of that tour for me - I picked up many injuries in those days trying to emulate that at school! It impressed the first year kids though!