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[b]Thats the impression I got at the time, that they were recording every gig and going to compile the best recordings for the cd.There were definitely ambient microphones present at the Hammersmith gig and from some of the photos I remember other gigs as well.

This should be amazing !!!!!!!!!!
Paul - the ambient Mics were used for the In Ear Monitoring that the whole band used (as opposed to floor wedges) to add "atmosphere" to the sound the band hear in their IEM and were not part of any recording set up. When the show at the Roundhouse was recorded approx 10 mics around the balcony were used to capture the crowd noise. A quantity of the rest of the shows were recorded but just as a L&R off the FOH desk direct to CDR and as such are not multi tracks and not "remixable"..... [/b]
Yes,and weren't we noisy !
Actually,because of the unusual design of the Roundhouse, i'm not sure that it is best setting acoustically.
A novelty venue nonetheless!