Sadly probably not. I've been so excited by this but its kinda slipping away now - dont think we'll see it.

Real, real shame - it's probably one of those situations - its floating around - and some have seen it - but it never actually comes out for the general masses.

There was another band that I followed that did that - theres a superb video knocking around from 2002 - a great tour - but no official release as yet!!!!! Basically its not going to happen and the stuff is securely under wraps - no boots.

Who knows - live in hope hey!! Personally I dont care if its a very rough version that comes out - surely the clear interest in the DVD would offset the costs to put something basic together? It's easy enough to knock soemthing together on yer ol apple mac these days yourself.... Mind you then people might moan that there are not enough extras or the quality is not what it shoudl be!! Perhaps its not worth the hastle given some of the responses to the remasters wink

At the moment I'm living off YouTubes - the ones from Duisburg are actually very good soundwise but visually the band are too far away on the vids that have the best sound. Still - better than nowt!!

Actually - there was a vid up on youtube by 'Warrior Vision' - its the best sound I've heard on all of the videos so far - Im sure they must have 'doctored' it in some way - it was a take of the Thin Wall at Roundhouse - does anyone know this person? Is there anymore of that quality knocking about by the Warrior Vision? The sound was excellent - very clear and the visual impact was good too - great zoom on Billys violin solo! Go check it out... laugh