Thanks to all the kind people I met in Liverpool: JOJO & husband, FLIP, SHIRL, DARREN-MIDGEVOX (thanks for the RIE tie pin, mate!), CHRIS CURRAN, PAUL H. (such shame Pip couldn't make it!) and... JOHN LEVER (whom I hadn't seen since 1994!!!!!!!). Really great to talk to all such good vibes!! Thanks, folks! laugh

Annoying to have to admit that it was my first time ever in Liverpool and I couldn't do the Beatles tour! They were my first favourite band, 3 years before Ultravox!

Funny anecdote: there was this very friendly Scottish family sitting at breakfast at the table next to me next morning. The man was singing "No Regrets", so I turned to him and asked surpisedly whether they'd been at the concert the night before. They had no idea that UV had been playing there!! The guy happened to have been the keyboard player on a Midge album called "When You Smile, I'm In Heaven" that apparently was never released (sorry for my ignorance, I am no solo-Midge fan). We had a wee chat, very nice people, the 2 kids had outstandingly good manners and looked very happy. smile