Hi all,

As a lot of you already know, Mr. X and I will be visiting the UK between October 2nd (leaving on the 1st) and November 14th. There's already been some discussion on Torque Point about organising a Voxgate, but I guess now would be the time to do some serious planning. It'll be a long trip to London for us this time since we'd be taking the train from Shrewsbury, but it's possible. So are we still going to have it in London, or how would you feel about Manchester? (Closer to us.)

Let me know your ideas of where we could meet and when, and hopefully we'll be able to finalise something. I hope it goes as well as the Voxgates that happened the last time we were there!! We had a blast! excited

By the way, Mr. X and I will be going to the John Foxx gig at the Manchester Academy, so for anyone else who's going as well, how's about a little gathering beforehand? smile

Mrs. X