I've mentioned here somewhere about my Church Building project and several of you folks have been kind enough to ask how its going.
(First, for those who don't know, I am on a committee set up to form a charity and raise funds to re-develop our local 150 yr old church building into a music and performance art venue, as well as revitalise it as a place of worship.
It has stood empty for nine years until this summer)

Today we had our first concert in the Building , and it was fab!!!
A free Flute Forte evening with local students playing bits of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven etc in front of about 90 people
Been really busy cleaning, wiring, mending, fixing and generally tidying (as well as fighting off CofE bureaucrats!) to get to this point and it has been well worth while (even we are still very naive and only at the beginning of the experience)

After the concert (I blagged an hour on my own before lock-up) I played Cathedral Oceans 2 through the PA again - as I did earlier in the year with CO1.
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING as I'm sure you can imagine.
I'm aware that it's not intended to be liturgical or 'religious' music in any way, but there's no doubt to my mind that it can be and the extracts from Catholic mass are not coincidental.
I was as uplifted by this album as I have ever been.
Talk about music for environments.
There is a whole new dimension to it when you get time to swim around.

Thanks so much John - its a work of genius. laugh