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Don't think I've been that tired in ages - only adrenalin perked me up for the Bristol gig. I was comatose in my room still at 4pm trying to get a nap while Zosh was swearing at her laptop for not uploading pics fast enough... smile
I got home at 2pm,had half hour nap & was back out the door for Bristol at 3pm.

Got stuck in the carpark after the show for a bit then figured out I could go up as well.Got to bed at 12:45,got to sleep at 2.I was still that much on a high.Woke up 6 wide awake.

I spent most of last night uploading so tonight is a proper chill out in front out of the tell night.

I have New Europeans from Bristol on vid as a souvenir just in case they dont come back again.
(before the 'safety police' stopped me.

Its going with me to my desert island cool