What's the second most interesting news besides the new Ultravox-album? Well, it must be this very interesting upcoming album from John Foxx! Again, he collaborates with The Maths and this just might be a match made in heaven.

Townsend Records sums it up well; "Moody and atmospheric, but also full of songs that are actually more "pop" than avant garde, Interplay pulls various strands of electronic music together - from early electro to 70s Krautrock, even flashes of Cabaret Voltaire and Foxx's first band, Ultravox!"

Release date for the album Interplay is 21st Marsch. Until then, download the MP3 Single "Destination/September Town" - It's bubbly electronic pop, that sounds a lot like an updated version of the good old sound from the early 80īs. Simply great.