after i've got some strength & also faith back , mainly due to the kind support of such carin' fellows like phil a.k.a. "flip martian" , luca ( a.k.a. "larry dark" wink ) , steve a.k.a. "slow mo'" , peter a.k.a. "havocman" & some others as well , i reconstructed & re-edited john foxx & louis gordon's "making movies" yesterday night / today mornin' ... especially to say THANK_U to all u wonderful fellows !!! smile

as i also remembered my very ol' & actually long defunct "cybernetx media" website , which is somehow still there ... somewhere in the vaults of lycos , i've uploaded that new version there @ the followin' directory : [ EDIT ] sorry folx , but the wankers @ lycos have obviously deleted the whole website right now ... jus' because of THAT mp3 file !!! shock

now i jus' WISH that u could simply enjoy the sound & "dance with me" , fellow foxx fans !!! ha ha ha