Originally posted by Craig:
therefore maybe 'The Sky' became 'The Lifting Sky', and I suppose we could all take a guess at 'My City...' it could be one of the many 'City of Light' songs, I would again guess at the one that is a B-Side from the IMW singles.
"the lifting sky" was already recorded during a session for "the golden section" album in 1983, so it certainly can't be that song!

"city of light(s)" on the "stars on fire" single is a completely different song compared to the "cities of light 1-5" songs that were made between 1990 and 2001 for various albums!
it's actually one of the last songs that john recorded during the "in mysterious ways" sessions in 1985, so it's not very likely that "my city ..." later became known as "city of light(s)", but i could be wrong in this case, of course!