Steve Malins has added an updated biography to John's page which includes this rather interesting line...

"John Foxx will be performing full Metamatic shows early next year, including previously unheard songs from the original sessions."


"This year promises to be the most intense and creative of John Foxxs career so far: the first three Ultravox! albums are about to be re-issued by Universal and hes recorded three new albums - Tiny Colour Movies; an as-yet-untitled vocal-led work with Louis Gordon and a collaboration with Robin Guthrie, ex-Cocteau Twins. As for what happens next, according to the man who has made a career out of imagining the future: I have hundreds of titles of songs yet to be written. I want to be doing this stuff until Im eighty! Im serious. I dont always know who John Foxx is but I dont want to terminate him. Hes a lot more intelligent than me."

...exciting times! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" />