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So, any ideas what to expect from the Theo Travis collaboration? I'm not a prog rock fan or much of a modern jazz fan, so I'm not familiar with him at all. I did learn through my googling that he's done some improv/ambientish stuff with Robert Fripp, though, so I bought one of the live downloads from Fripp's dgmlive.com. If that's the kind of thing Foxx and Travis got up to (albeit with synth and/or piano instead of guitar and frippertronics), this could be pretty good.
I can confirm that forthcoming album between John Foxx and Theo Travis will be entitled Torn Sunset, and that its track-listing will be as follows...

01. Night Jewels
02. From A Brighter Place
03. Skyscraper Starlight
04. Lost Marilyn Molecule
05. Before You Disappear
06. Torn Sunset
07. All The Tides On All The Streets

And here's the front cover...

The release date hasn't been finalised - but it's likely to be sometime during June 2011. It'll be released through Edsel / Demon, and its catalogue number will be EDSS 1050. I'll post more information just as soon as the details have been confirmed.