If I have luck ( Peter have something to manage for my visit at his home) I will go to this gig too; with Peter and my girlfriend.

Perhaps we can meet us together there? Birdsong, Feline1, Robert and Church Puddle - would be nice , would'nt it?

Rob have you any informations about what John will exactely do on this gig? Will he play some stuff from Translucence or Drift Music together with Harold Budd? I never saw Harold live but i'm very interested into see him on stage. Heard some stuff from him esp. Plateux of mirror, and the CD's with John. Great Musician. And with John together on stage - this is it worth to travel from Hamburg to Brighton! And I'm interesting to see Jah Wobble - know him from his P.I.L. times...

Hope all work out fine to manage my travel to UK. I'm keen to visit the English Island again!!!!

Bye, Andreas wink