One of our regular tech support visits to my partner's family happily coincided with this event, part of the Leeds International Film Festival, so I went along.

It was billed as a mixture of film, spoken word and music, and that was pretty much exactly what it was. There were three segments, each hinged around a short film, and recorded extracts from the Quiet Man book, with John Foxx playing a grand piano over it. One segment featured a live reading, with a "VJ" - one "John Leigh" (any relation?) mixing the film live too.

None of this was anywhere near as boring as I've just made it sound, but to me the most interesting part was the audience Q and A at the end. Many of the audience appeared to be "usual suspects" and they asked really pertinent and relevant questions. It was interesting to hear him talk about his influences, and my partner was particularly fascinated to hear about the Ballard stuff, with respect to early Ultravox.

Looking forward to see how this project develops.