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[b]Amsterdam - Paradiso 65. Rob, is it true the gig will happen? I looked at the concert list of the Paradiso yesterday but it was not listed in...
As far as I know, this gig will happen... wink

Rob, many thanks for your information. I E -mailed the Paradiso 65 this morning but can read the answer first on Friday evening - ''cause I start for a week at the eastern coast in the next moment.

I wished I could stay with you all together at the Scala!!, but for the explained reason on "Foxx Tour " I can only go to Amsterdam show.

At least, it would be the first show - so if any informations wanted about that gig - I could post it here...
I'm glad John & Louis play in Amsterdam - otherwise I would be the "LUCKY LOOSER".

Bye - see you all here Friday

Shadow Mandreas