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Thanks both - it's OK, I've now bought from Gillian. Sorted!

As for guest list tix, let's just say we didn't want to go that route again, for several good reasons. Wanting decent seats that aren't in the car park, for one. Hammersmith and Bristol being really bad ones to want guest seats for (because all the band's friends and family come to those), for another. And just not wanting the hassle. The whole thing last year was... very wearing, to the point that we almost decided we didn't want to do this any more, any of it. This time around it's no pix, no passes to chase around for, no disappointment at being placed where we can only really take photos of Billy's left ear and the top of Midge's head, no pfaffing - just go and enjoy the show, go to the pub afterwards to meet up with EV friends and that's that. Job done. F*ck it.
Nicely put M'Dear wink