Dear Mr Currie!

I´ve just finished Midge´s book "If I was" and there´s not that much about Ultravox and I also think that it is just one side of the story.

You are the only member that played and written music for all the ten studio albums. A lot of people would be interested about reading about who came up with that idea and so on. It would be fantastic reading.

I think that you have the first 950 buyers on this webboard. I´m prepared to pay an advance to you for my copy (like the Marillion fans did with their album "") :-)

Are there any chance taht we could see a project like this in the future?

I also wonder what you think about Midge´s book (I read that you´d order it)?

Greetings and thank´s for a lot of wonderful music through the years!

Regards from Sweden!