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In the podcasts Billy refers to varous synths he used with Numan and Ultravox, but there was no mention of a Moog / Mini Moog. My question is why not - is it because the functionality of the Moog / Mini Moog was replicated etc through one of the other synths, was it an omission by Billy or is there another reason???? confused2 confused2
Not very stupid, no. But there's a very simple answer: Billy didn't use a Minimoog (preferring the ARP Odyssey) with Gary Numan. Or with Ultravox, for that matter.

Numan had at least two keyboardists on that particular tour, one being "Fade to Grey" co-author Chris Payne - who used two Minimoogs and a Polymoog, if I recall correctly.

In Ultravox, the only Minimoog in the group was primarily used by Chris, who might very well have been the owner of the Mini, something which would be the most likely reason for the omission - it simply wasn't Billy's synth.