What a performance by Billy! This was only 1979. Before touring with Midge and the rest of the boys and recording the Visage album. Billy perhaps was at his best. Remember Fade to Grey came from that tour (Gary Numan). I reckon Vienna must have been written later on that year. wink

John (Foxx) was also on a crest of wave and made the synth a premium during that year by recording the legendary Metamatic plus other unreleased tracks( John we want them officially released. Stop playing silly games!!!) :rolleyes:

Ash I'll also look around for a similar bootleg of the Tour. It'll be interesting to compare.

Ah I've just remembered (I must have read it on Praying with the Aliens) that this concert was planned to be recorded and officially released. Obviously that explains Billy's performance. He took his opportunity well. Gary was well sad to see him go after the tour. Anyway Gary did alright with Payne/Haines on synths for the next tours.

As a fan I'm glad that Billy and Ultravox became a commercial reality and had so many hits for all to witness.

Chris C laugh