Ah, so the first of the two big projects is finally happening. It kind of makes the Anthology seem more tangible with or without the EMI problems, at least lets hope so.

I concider the Foxxvox remasters as definitive too, in that their the best versions avalible (although without some rare tracks we all wanted included) and probably draws the line on any more re-issues of them in future. Its understandable why the Midgevox ones needed another release, as improvements in remastering moves on all the time. Hope this brings them up to the standard of the recent Metamatic one and any other future remasters of Johns.

As there were not all the rare tracks we expected on the Foxxvox remasters, is there any chance of an Anthology from Johns era too.

As always thanks to Cerise, Rob and everyone involved with this project. Coupled with all the latest remasters released and to be released, the family is sounding better than ever.