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This [b]IS the other project we've been working on - and as for the timing coming right on the heels of the 'mini-meltdown', that's just seriously bad luck. We've been working on these discs for 2 or 3 years; it took 10 months of detective work to get permission to reinstate the Rage in Eden cover alone.

So yes, Billy has indeed let the cat out of the bag. But as for details, we're still (currently) bound by EMI not to say anything - mostly because of the MAJOR restructuring (not sure I'd call it minor). They don't want to commit to details as we don't know who will be left at the end of March; 45% of UK staff are losing their jobs.

However, now that Billy has given out details, it may be that EMI will let us talk about it; we'll keep you posted when we hear back. Because there will be some REALLY tasty things on these discs. These will be remastered, definitive editions. wink [/b]
Thanks for the update Cerise & for all yours & Robs hard work (even on the Pink thing laugh ,some people somewhere actually like it!)

EMI will be missing a serious trick if they fail to release remastered Vienna soon.

Tonight the sequel to Life on Mars,Ashes to Ashes starts & the trailer has been endlessly plugged on the beeb for the last few weeks with Vienna playing on it.

With free publicity like that it would be a crime to not release it to take advantage.